Book. Firework Edition, Stockholm 1999. English text. 112 p. Size 150 x 210 mm. ISBN 91-87066-23-8 (FE no. 92)


The book Chapter VII is totally free of charge and may be used, copied and reproduced by anyone. The book is free against any compensation from copyright, economical claims, labels and other purposes except that of its own. The price tags, the profitability, the proceeds, and the business ideas are here replaced by sovereignty, by the loss, and the gift…


”The matter of freedom is essential in the tradition of the art and in the modern society, where our own individual freedom as well as responsibility towards society always is a topic for discussion and law legislation and where everything always has its price – in daily life as well as in the art. Since the beginning of the eighties, the matter has been essential in Thomas Liljenberg’s work, where the dreaming state and the sleeping state represent a sense of freedom, impossible to exploit by the production system and in which all individuals advances to equals and where we “liberated from the physical reality” freely can move around in time and space.


In Chapter VII the problems are enhanced in combination with texts obtained from the famous chapter seven in Sigmund Freud’s book The Interpretation of Dreams from 1900, in which Freud describes the psychic apparatus and the function of dreams in humans. Texts which later has consistently been censored by the artist, with texts and statements which both relates to and is illustrated by the fact that the book is distributed free of charge.” (From pressrelease 1999)