THOMAS LILJENBERG is a Swedish artist working with visual arts, installations, text and audio. He lives and works in Stockholm. 



Thomas Liljenberg is born 1952 in Tranås. He moved to Stockholm in 1972, where he studied at University of Arts, Crafts and Design and Stockholm University. In the mid-70’s he met Leif Elggren and together they started the Firework group, which was the starting point for a number of collaborations between the artists. At this time he also began collaborations with artists Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Erik Pauser, in the form of performance, installations and sound works. In the early 80’s he started, together with Elggren, the publishing company Firework Edition.


Liljenberg’s work is grounded in a critical practice, characterized by an interest in issues relating to social and political conditions. Recurring topics deals with the relationship between the individual and societal structures, hierarchical systems and power. In addition to exhibitions, Public Art, books, printed matters and audio works, the work has often taken the form of long-term collaborative projects based on local and sitespecific conditions. In 2002 Liljenberg initiated the project Kulturkontoret (The Office of Culture) in one of Stockholm’s south suburbs. In 2005 he initiated KAC in collaboration with Bo Samuelsson, a platform for participatory art, teaching and research in Stockholm.


Between 2012–2018, Thomas Liljenberg was artistic director and headmaster of the College of Printmaking Arts in Stockholm.