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2015 ECTOPLASMA (GOOD GOD). Book documenting a photographical session from 1993–1995. Firework Edition 2015 (FE no. 129). Paperbacked. Size 185 x 115 mm. ISBN 978 91 87066 48 1*


2014 IS THIS PHASE THREE OF THE IMITATION OF THE HOLY SACRAMENT? Box with four books, five CDs, catalogues, postcards and posters. Firework Edition, Stockholm*


2011 6 VERK 1982–2010. Box with photos, exhibition catalogues, posters and 7″ vinyl***


2011 DEVIANT STUDIES in CITYPLANNING, Stockholm 2011. CD. (Firework Edition Records 1091). In conjunction with the project KAC (Kista Art City) 2009–11**


2010 THE FIREWORK APPENDIX #02 and 03. Webb-magazine, Stockholm*


2009 TOP SECRET. Box with CD and booklet, satumaa*kustantmo in collaboration with the Modern Museum, Stockholm*


2007 CUNT 69. CD, Firework Edition Records*


2000 THE ANSWERS. Book, Firework Edition*


2000 TWO THIN EATING ONE FAT. CD, Firework Edition*


2000 EXPERIMENT WITH TIME. CD, Firework Edition Records


2000 CHAPTER VII. Book, Firework Edition, Stockholm 1999. English text. 112 p. Size 150 x 210 mm. ISBN 91-87066-23-8 (FE no. 92)


1999 9.11. CD, Firework Edition Records*


1998 SWEDEN DREAMS. Book,  Stockholm March 1998. 64p. A combination of dream texts and photographs of Swedish Prime Ministers. Offset printed. Paperbacked. Size 212 x 150 mm. ISBN 91-87066-11-4 (FE No. 73)


1998 THE PARTY. CD, Firework Edition Records*


1997 A SCHOLAR STOOPS MOUNTED ON A WHITE CHARGER. Book. Firework Edition 1997. Size 148 x 210 mm. 226 pages. Paperbacked. ISBN 91-87066-15-7


1997 FLOOR of DREAMS. Box with preface, poster and 100 dreams, Stockholm March 1997. Limited edition of 100 numbered copies. Offset printed. English text and photos in b/w. Size 215 x 305 mm. (FE No. 83)


1997 EXPERIMENT WITH DREAMS. Exhibition cataloque, Malmö Konst Museum 1996 and Produzenten Gallerie, Kassel 1997. 9 p. Offset printed. Size 190 x 135 mm. (FE No. 81)


1996 EXPERIMENT WITH DREAMS. Book. A correspondence. 230 p. Offset and photo copies. Size 150 x 210 mm. ISBN 91-87066-12-2 (FE No. 79)Firework Edition*


1996 THE CODFISH SUIT. CD, Firework Edition Records*


1996 EBOLA/SWEDISH DREAMER. 7” vinyl, Firework Edition Records*


1994 THE PARTY. Box with party program, voting paper, voting poster, color photo, etc. for the Swedish General Election 1994), Stockholm November 1994. Swedish text. Edition of 200 copies. Size 160 x 230 mm. (FE No. 74) Firework Edition*


1993 IDOL. Book. A correspondence, Stockholm November 1993. 45 p. Offset and photo copies. Swedish text. Paperbacked. Size 150 x 210 mm. ISBN 91-87066-10-6 (FE No. 70)Firework Edition*


1993 Zzzz… CD, Firework Edition Records*


1992 120 DOLDA. Exhibition cataloque (12 p). Sveagalleriet, Stockholm. Edition of 500 copies. Size 135 x 190 mm


1989 LA TEMPEST. Catalogue in conjunction with the exhibition La Tempest at Firework Edition, 1989. Edition of 500 copies. Size 135 x 190 mm.


1985 THE TOWER OF WATER/THE GALLERY OF WATER. 7” vinyl, Phauss/Firework Edition***


1984 PHASE 1:6 (Föreställning för sju aktörer, objekt och ljudband). Box with book and poster, documenting the performance Fas 1:6, from 1981. Swedish text. Edition of 200 copies. Size 200 x 220 mm. (FE No. 10), Firework Edition*


1983 ELEKTROLYS-ELEKTROLYS II. Folder with book (66 p), poster and booklets in a folder, documenting two performances/installations. Swedish text. Edition of 100 copies. Size 240 x 320 mm. (FE No. 4), Firework Edition*


1983 STOCKHOLM-GRONINGEN. Bolder with book (62 p), booklet and poster, documenting a performance and exhibition at Galerie Metro, Groningen, Holland 1983. Swedish text. Edition of 100 copies. Size 220 x 320 mm. (FE No. 13)*


1983 SERIAL AKTION. Folder with book (52 p) and poster documenting the performance Serial Aktion. Edition of 100 copies. Size 220 x 320 mm. (FE No. 16)book, Firework Edition


*In collaboration with Leif Elggren

** In collaboration with Bo Samuelsson

***In collaboration with Leif Elggren, Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Erik Pauser


See Cv for complete list of exhibitions, projects and commissions