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SETH THOMAS PETER LILJENBERG lives and works in Stockholm. He graduated in 1982 from the University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm (1978-1982) and Stockholm University (1988–89)






2023 – 24 Lectures and studio talks at The Gerlesborg School of Fine Art, Stockholm and at Pernby School of Painting, Stockholm

2022 – Moving to new studio at Glasbruksgatan, Stockholm

2022 – Initiating MODELLEN in collaboration with Bo Samuelsson

2021–22 Lectures at Pernby School of Painting in Stockholm

2020 Participating in OEI # 86–87: publishing practices, publishing poetics at Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm

2020–2021 Lectures at The College of Printmaking Arts in Stockholm

2019–2020 Lectures at Pernby School of Painting and at College of Printmaking Arts, in Stockholm

2018 Firework Edition (Thomas Liljenberg/Leif Elggren) participates in REDIGERA FREDAG. Andra publiceringsvägar, andra publiceringsvärldar. Moderna Museet, in Stockholm

2018 Lectures at Carl Malmsten – Furniture Studies, Linköpings universitet

2017 Lectures at Pernby School of Painting and at College of Printmaking Arts, in Stockholm


2017 Elected for Grafikens Hus Artistic Council

2017 Lectures at Carl Malmsten – Furniture Studies, Linköpings universitet

2017 DELIBERATION, REPRESENTATION, EQUITY: RESEARCH APPROACHES, TOOLS AND ALGORITHMS FOR PARTICIPATORY PROCESSES. Book, edited by Love Ekenberg, Karin Hansson, Mats Danielson, Göran Cars et al. Open Book Publishers, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2017

2016 UNDER ONE SKY, Dianxi Science and Technology Normal University, Liancang, China


2016 Lectures at Carl Malmsten – Furniture Studies, Linköpings universitet

2016 Lectures at Pernby School of Painting and at College of Printmaking Arts, in Stockholm

2016 ARCHIVE of VISION AND ACTIONS, bookrelease at Moderna Museet, Stockholm


2015 ECTOPLASMA (GOOD GOD), book, Firework Edition, Stockholm*


2015 MAP of THE NEW ART, exhibition, Fondazione Giorgione Cini, Venice

2015 PERFORMING THE COMMON, book, Revolver Publishing, Berlin, Germany

2015 Renewable contract for 3 years as Headmaster at The College of Printmaking Arts in Stockholm

2014 NYA BIENNALEN FÖR ARKITEKTUR OCH KONST, exhibition, Botkyrka konsthall

2014 RESTAURERING AV INRE RUM, exhibition, Charlottenburgs gård, Solna

2014 IS THIS PHASE THREE OF THE IMITATION OF THE HOLY SACRAMENT? Box with four books, five CDs, catalogues, postcards and posters. Firework Edition, Stockholm*

2014 FRAMEWORK I: EXTRASENSORY BONDS, exhibition, Insitu, Berlin, Germany

2014 SE UPP! – SLUSSEN EN HJÄRTEFRÅGA, exhibition, Kulturtavlorna and Grafiska Sällskapet, Stockholm

2014 Guest subject teacher at Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm

2014 Lectures at Carl Malmsten – Furniture Studies, Linköpings universitet.

2014 FYLOOPS, LP, Fylkingen Records

2013 STREET CORNER TALKING # 07. Public artwork, Kista/Stockholm**

2013 Received support from Kulturbryggan for DU – DIALOGUE FOR URBAN DEVELOPMENT, Stockholm

2013 – 14 Initiates the project DU – DIALOGUE FOR URBAN DEVELOPMENT in collaboration with Dept. of Computer and Systems Sciences Stockholm University, KTH- The Royal Institute of Technology Division of Urban and Regional Studies Dept. of Urban Planning and Environment and Svensk Byggtjänst

2013 Lectures at Carl Malmsten – Furniture Studies, Linköpings universitet

2012 Artists’ Books exhibition in connection with WEAVING POLITICS, Dansens Hus, Stockholm

2012 STOCKHOLMSPROJEKTEN, seminar at Marabouparken, Stockholm

2012 Received two years scholarship from THE SWEDISH ARTS GRANTS COMMITTEE

2012 INTERSPACE AND REVERSE WALKING, seminar at Husby konsthall

2012 STREET CORNER TALKING # 06. Public artwork in Kista/Stockholm (in connection with THE NEW KISTA SCIENCE CITY MODEL/PERFORMING THE COMMON, Husby konsthall/Moderna Museet, Stockholm**

2012 PERFORMING THE COMMON, exhibition, Husby konsthall and Moderna Museet, Stockholm

2012 Initiates the project THE NEW KISTA SCIENCE CITY MODEL, Rinkeby-Kista, Stockholm

2012 Assigned to the mission as Headmaster/Artistic Manager at College of Printmaking Arts/Grafikskolan i Stockholm

2012 STREET CORNER TALKING #05. Public Artwork, Kista/Stockholm**


2012 Lectures at Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm

2012 Lectures at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies, Stockholm

2012 MARKET and SUPERMARKET, exhibitions, Kulturhuset, Stockholm

2011 STREET CORNER TALKING #04. Public artwork, Kista/Stockholm**

2011 Vad är estetik i skolan?, seminar at Boulevardteatern, Stockholm

2011 6 VERK 1982–2010, box with photos, exhibition catalogues, posters and 7″ vinyl***

2011 ISEA2011. The 17th International Symposium on Electronic Art in Istanbul

2011 Receives support from Kulturbryggan for developing A Model for a Qualitative Society

2011 DEVIANT STUDIES IN CITYPLANNING, CD, Firework Edition Records**

2011 PERFORMING DEMOCRACY, research projekt (in collaboration with Karin Hansson and Johanna Gustavsson Fürst), DSV/Stockholm university

2011 STREET CORNER TALKING #03. Public artwork, Kista/Stockholm**

2011 Lectures at Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm

2011 Lectures at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies, Stockholm

2011 IMAC 2011 – The Unheard Avantgarde, symposium, Copenhagen

2011–12 Management committee Kulturlyftet (KRO/KiF/Svenska Tecknare/Sveriges Fotografer/KC)

2011 ARTISTS’ BOOKS PÅ PLATTAN, exhibition, Kulturhusets bibliotek, Stockholm

2010 – 2001

2010 Elected for BUS board committee (Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden)

2010 COMMUNITY ART, seminar at SO-Stockholm, Stockholm

2010 Lectures at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies, Stockholm

2010 SWEDISH CONCEPTUAL ART, exhibition, Kalmar Konstmuseum, Kalmar

2010 The Firework Appendix #02 and 03, webb-magazine, Stockholm*

2010 STREET CORNER TALKING #02. Public artwork, Kista/Stockholm**

2009 Receives support from Innovativ kultur for Kista Art City

2009 GATE, exhibition, Greenlandspark, Kista

2009 THE CITY & THE FUTURE, exhibition, Kista Science Tower, Kista**

2009 Initiates and launches #01 of webbmagazine Appendix*

2009 STREET CORNER TALKING #01. Public Artwork, Kista/Stockholm**

2009 Initiating STREET CORNER TALKING, commission and public artwork with support from Kista Mall**

2009 Lectures at Pernbys målarskola, Stockholm

2009 TOP SECRET, box with CD and booklet, satumaakustantmo in collaboration with the Modern Museum, Stockholm

2009 Elected for KRO board committee (Swedish Artists’ National Organization)

2009 Lectures at Grafikskolan, Stockholm

2008 Lectures at the University in Böö, Norway

2008 Lectures and seminaries at Västerås Art Museum, Västerås, Sweden

2008 Lectures at Pernbys målarskola, Stockholm

2008 Participates as reference in the public art project GÅ ÖVER ÅN, Västerås Art Museum, Västerås

2008 Lectures at Beckman School for Art and Designe, Stockholm

2008 Lectures at Grafikskolan, Stockholm

2007 PROJECTED, exhibition, MACBA, Barcelona, Spanien

2007 CUNT 69, CD, Firework Edition Records*

2007  K>SE, reserch project, Chalmers/KK-stiftelsen, Gothenburg–Stockholm (in collaboration with Ingegerd Green and Hans Andrén)

2007 KUNSKAPSRESAN, project for the Municipal of Säffle, Sweden (in collaboration with Ingegerd Green)

2007 Lectures at Grafikskolan, Stockholm

2007 Lectures at Pernbys målarskola, Stockholm

2006 URBAN DESIGN, seminars, Arkitekturmuseet, Stockholm

2006 Lectures at Grafikskolan, Stockholm

2006 Lectures at Pernbys målarskola, Stockholm

2006 Co-curator ARTSTARS, exhibition, Place de Hôtel de Ville Paris, Paris 2006

2006 Co-curator ARTSTARS, exhibition, Abbey de Neumünster, Luxembourg

2005 ADORNO, performance (in collaboration with with Bergmark/Melin/Dezy), Fylkingen, Stockholm

2005 Initiates the project KISTA ART CITY in Kista, Stockholm**

2005 FILM FYLKINGEN, exhibition, Fylkingen, Stockholm

2005 ERASE AND REWIND, exhibition, Bukowskis, Stockholm

2005 HUMAN WORKS, exhibition, Galleri 44, Stockholm

2005 Lectures at Grafikskolan, Stockholm

2005 Lectures at Pernbys målarskola, Stockholm

2005–07 DIRECT, project (in collaboration with Hans Andrén), Stockholm, Kista, Alby, Vårby gård and Tensta

2002 ÖVERFLUGEN AV EN GAMMAL KUNG, exhibition, Konsthallen, Göteborg

2002 Initiates the project KULTURKONTORET I VÅRBY GÅRD, Stockholm

2002 LISTENING POST (in collaboration with Chris Watson and Mike Harding), exhibition, IASPIS/Konstakademin, Stockholm

2002 ELEKTROLYS IV, exhibition, Fylkingen, Stockholm*

2002–2004 CITIZEN CENTRE, a proposal for a new public centre in Vårby gård (in collaboration with artist Anders Krüger and architect Erik Stenberg), Stockholm

2002–2004 Lectures at Grafikskolan, Stockholm

2002–2003 BURDEN AND MASTERS, solo exhibition, Kulturhuset, Stockholm

2001 MOTSTÅND, exhibition, Modern Museum, Stockholm

2001 ÖVERFLUGEN AV EN GAMMAL KUNG, exhibition, Färgfabriken, Stockholm

2001 RE-MIX, exhibition, Fylkingen, Stockholm

2001 ÖVERFLUGEN AV EN GAMMAL KUNG, exhibition, Passagen, Linköping

2001 Lectures at Grafikskolan, Stockholm


2000 THE ANSWERS, book, Firework Edition*

2000 TWO THIN EATING ONE FAT, CD, Firework Edition*

2000 EXPERIMENT WITH TIME, CD, Firework Edition Records**

2000 CHAPTER VII, book, Firework Edition

2000 THE ANSWERS, bookrelease at Printed Matter, New York, USA

2000 Lectures at Grafikskolan, Stockholm

1999 PANDORAS BOX, exhibition, InterAccess, Toronto, Canada and Royal College of Art, Stockholm

1999 9.11, CD, Firework Edition Records*

1999 THE ANSWERS, solo exhibition, BildMuseet, Umeå, Sweden*

1999 TRANSFORMATORISCHE BORDELLE, performance, Fylkingen, Stockholm*

1999 Lectures at Grafikskolan, Stockholm

1998 PORT, public artwork, Rågsved, Sweden

1998 SALTSJÖBADSDOKUMENTET, exhibition, SUBBAU/Fisksätra,  Sweden

1998 GOTHENBURG SPOOKY, solo exhibition and outdoor installation, SUBBAU, Göteborg

1998 SWEDEN DREAMS, book, Firework Edition

1998 SWEDISH MESS, exhibition, Stockholm Cultural Capital of Europe Arkipelag project at Nordic Museum, Stockholm*

1998 NATURE IS PERVERSE, exhibition/performance, Modern Museum, Stockholm*

1998 THE PARTY, CD, Firework Edition Records*

1998 Initiates Hz, Fylkingens webb-magazine, www.fylkingen.se/Hz

1998 FIREWORK EDITION, exhibition, Fylkingen, Stockholm*

1998 SYNK, Swedish Radio

1998 Lectures at Grafikskolan, Stockholm


1997 FLOOR OF DREAMS, book, Firework Edition

1996 EXPERIMENT WITH DREAMS, book, Firework Edition*

1996 EXPERIMENT WITH DREAMS, exhibition, Produzenten Gallerie, Kassel, Tyskland*

1996 EXPERIMENT WITH DREAMS, exhibition, Malmö Konstmuseum*

1996 THE CODFISH SUIT, CD, Firework Edition Records*

1996 ENDURANCE, exhibition, Kulturhuset, Stockholm

1996 LOVE ALL, exhibition, Färgfabriken, Stockholm

1996 NYA STOCKHOLM, exhibition, Kulturhuset, Stockholm

1996 ARTISTS’ BOOKS, exhibition, Grafikens Hus, Mariefred

1996 EBOLA/SWEDISH DREAMER, 7”, Firework Edition Records*

1994 PARTIET, performance, Kulturbolaget, Malmö, Sweden*

1994  KONST PÅ HÖTORGET/HÖTORGET I KONSTEN, exhibition, Kulturhuset, Stockholm

1994 PARTIET/THE PARTY, a political party/exhibition, Firework Edition, Stockholm*

1994 THE PARTY, book, Firework Edition*

1993 SWEDEN DREAMS, exhibition, Kalmar Konstmuseum, Kalmar

1993 SWEDEN DREAMS, solo exhibition, The Swedish Parliament, Stockholm

1993 IDOL, book, Firework Edition*

1993 Zzzz…, CD, Firework Edition Records*

1992 THE APARTMENT, exhibition, Stockholm Art Fair/Galleri Forum*

1992 120 DOLDA, solo exhibition, Sveagalleriet, Stockholm

1991 EN TREDJE RESULTANT, solo exhibition, Periscope, Stockholm

1991 THE APARTMENT, solo exhibition, Forum, Stockholm*


1989 ELEKTROLYS IV, exhibition, Kristofferskolan, Bromma, Sweden*

1989 ENAMEL, exhibition, Viborg Museum and galleri Holtegaard, Copenhagen, Denmark

1989 LA TEMPEST, solo exhibition, Firework Edition, Stockholm

1987 Public Artwork for Stockholms Läns landsting

1986 HAVET, solo exhibition, Sveagalleriet, Stockholm, Sweden

1986 Public Artwork for Stockholms Läns landsting

1985 LUNDA BIENNALEN NR 2, exhibition, Lunds Konsthall, Lund, Sweden

1985 SAFTMASKINEN, solo installation, Centralbadet, Stockholm

1985 THE TOWER OF WATER/THE GALLERY OF WATER, 7”, Phauss/Firework Edition***

1985 FIELD, solo exhibition, Radium, Göteborg, Sweden

1984 GRAND HOTEL, exhibition, Grand Hotel, Stockholm***

1984 STOCKHOLM-GRONINGEN, exhibition, Firework Centrallagret, Stockholm*

1984 PHASE 1:6, book, Firework Edition*

1984 THREE BROWN PAINTINGS, exhibition, VHS Kunststation, Kleinsassen, Germany

1984 NÅGONTING SOM ÄR STÖRRE ÄN VAD DET ÄR, exhibition, Galleri Mors Mössa, Göteborg***

1984 Public Artwork for Stockholms Läns landsting

1984 ARTISTS’ BOOKS, exhibition, Grafiska Sällskapet, Stockholm

1983 ELEKTROLYS III, exhibition, galleri Mors Mössa, Göteborg*

1983 ELEKTROLYS-ELEKTROLYS II, book, Firework Edition*

1983 STOCKHOLM-GRONINGEN, book, Firework Edition*

1983 SERIAL AKTION, book, Firework Edition

1983 VERKSTADEN ÅTERBESÖKT, exhibition, Firework Centrallagret, Stockholm*

1983 BROWN PAINTINGS, solo exhibition, Firework Centrallagret, Stockholm

1983 LOT, exhibition, Firework Centrallagret, Stockholm*

1983 VI BJUDER FIREWORK PÅ FISKETUR, Firework Centrallagret, Stockholm*

1983 13.7.83, Firework Centrallagret, Stockholm*

1983 Initiates FIREWORK CENTRALLAGRET, a small gallery in Stockholm*

1982 Graduates from National College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm

1982 ELEKTROLYS, exhibition, KIFiN, Norrköping, Sweden*

1982 Initiates FIREWORK EDITION, Stockholm*

1982 STOCKHOLM-GRONINGEN, exhibition, galleri Metro, Groningen, Holland*

1982 SERIAL AKTION, exhibition, Galleri Mors Mössa, Göteborg

1982 ELEKTROLYS II, exhibition, Nordiskt Konstcentrum, Helsinki, Finland 1982*

1982 FÖRETAGET, exhibition, Galleri Sankt Olof, Norrköping, Sweden

1982 GAMLA VATTENTORNET I LINKÖPING, exhibition, Linköping, Sweden***

1981 JÄRV-RUM, solo exhibition, Sigtunagatan 5, Stockholm

1981 FÄLT, solo exhibition, Sigtunagatan 5, Stockholm

1981 KRETS, performance, Sigtunagatan 5, Stockholm

1981 PHASE 1:6, performance, Fylkingen, Stockholm*

1981 NY SVENSK SCENKONST, exhibition, Göteborgs konsthall

1981 20 LIVE PROJECTS’, exhibition, Fylkingen and Moderna Museet, Stockholm

1979 THE APARTMENT, exhibition, Sigtunagatan 5, Stockholm*

1978 Initiates FIREWORK together with Leif Elggren, Stockholm

*In collaboration with Leif Elggren
** In collaboration with Bo Samuelsson
***In collaboration with Leif Elggren, Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Erik Pauser



20 LIVE PROJECT’S, Modern Museum and Fylkingen, Stockholm 1981


International Artist Exchange, Sweden-Germany. Gallery Forum Stockholm and Produzenten Gallerie, Kassel, Germany 1997

NATURE IS PERVERSE, Modern Museum, Stockholm 1998


PANDORAS BOX, Artist Exchange, Sweden-Canada. Enkehuset, The Royal College of Art Stockholm and Fylkingen 1999 and InterAccess, Toronto, Canada 2000

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE – A PIER, Fylkingen 2001 (in collaboration with Thor McIntyre-Burnie and Chris Watson, UK)

INFRASTRUCTURE, workshop in field recording together with Chris Watson and Mike Harding (UK) at the Royal College of Art in Stockholm

LISTENING POST, IASPIS/The Royal Academy of Art, Stockholm. International exchange project Sweden and UK 2002

ADORNO, International exchange project 2003– 04. Sweden, Austria, Germany and Portugal.

KULTURKONTORET I VÅRBY GÅRD, project manager, Huddinge county, Vårby Gård, July 2002– November 2004 and Villa San Michele, Capri, Italy December 2004–

ARTSTARS, Abbey de Neumünster, Luxembourg, 2005 and Place de Hôtel de Ville Paris, Paris 2006

DIRECT, Stockholm, Kista, Rinkeby, Botkyrka and Huddinge county. Sweden, 2005–2007

KAC (kistaartcity), Stockholm 2005–15

K>SE, research project for KK-stiftelsen, in collaboration with Hans Andrén and Ingegerd Green, Gothenburg and Stockholm 2007–

KUNSKAPSRESAN, the Municipal of Säffle, in collaboration with Ingegerd Green, 2007–2009


PERFORMING THE COMMON, Husby konsthall and Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 2012


SE UPP! – SLUSSEN EN HJÄRTEFRÅGA, Grafiska Sällskapet, Stockholm 2014

GRAFIK TRIENNAL, Husby konsthall, Stockholm 2014



Fylkingen board committee, (co-chairman), 2000–2002

Fylkingen program committee, 1998 – 2001

Fylkingen Artist In Residence committee, 2000–02

Editor of Hz – Fylkingens Webb magazine, 2000–02

College of Printmaking Arts board committee, 2003–2010

Swedish Artists’ Association board committee, 2007–10

Samhällsentreprenör/KK-stiftelsen, project manager K>SE, 2007-08

Reference group, Kulturkraft/AF-kultur, 2007-08

Kunskapsresan. Developing project for the Municipal of Säffle (in collaboration with Ingegerd Green), 2007–08

Reference group, Över Ån/Västerås museum, 2010

Swedish Artists’ National Organization board committee, 2010–13

BUS Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden, board committee, 2010–14

Kulturlyftet (EU-project), management committee, KRO 2011–13

UMM/Innovativ kultur, mentor for young project managers, 2012–13

Swedish Artists’ Association board committee, 2012–13

Headmaster/Artistic Manager at College of Printmaking Arts/Grafikskolan i Stockholm, 2012–2018

FRIKS board committee, 2012–2014

Visual arts Copyright Society in Sweden, Nomination Committee, 2015–2016

Grafikens Hus Artistic Council, 2017–



Headmaster/Artistic Manager at the College of Printmaking Arts in Stockholm, 2012–2018



Sjöstedska fonden, 1982

Gunnar och Alva Myrdals stipendium, 1992

Konstnärsnämndens 10-åriga långtidsstipendium, 1992–2002

Internationellt utbyte IASPIS, 2000

Konstnärsnämndens 2-åriga arbetsstipendium, 2004-05

Sveriges Arkitekter, SA-priset, 2005

Innovativ kultur, 2009

Kulturbryggan, 2011

Konstnärsnämndens 2-åriga arbetsstipendium, 2012-13

Kulturbryggan, 2014

Konstnärsnämndens krisstipendium, 2021-22