A small gallery in collaboration with Leif Elggren, at Tomtebogatan 30, Stockholm, 1983 – 1984


Following exhibitions was realized at CENTRALLAGRET: 

13.7.83 – (Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg). 

SCHAKT (Per Jonson and Inger Arvidsson). 

LOT (Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg). 

BRUNA MÅLNINGAR (Thomas Liljenberg). 

STOCKHOLM-GRONINGEN (Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg). 

CONFIRMATION – DUTY & FATE – KOPPLARE (CM von Hausswolff and Ulrich Hillebrant). 

VI BJUDER FIREWORK PÅ FISKETUR (Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg)


Images (from top): 1. Poster for 13.7.83– 2. Poster for LOT 3. Poster for Stockholm – Groningen, presentation of a book 4. Poster for Bruna målningar 5. Invitation card for Vi bjuder Firework på fisketur