Exhibition in collaboration with Leif Elggren, at FORUM, Stockholm 1991. Installation with objects (concret, iron, lightning fixture) and silkscreen prints.


Parts of LÄGENHETEN was also exhibited at Stockholm Art Fair 1992, under the title LÄGENHETEN 92.


The exhibition LÄGENHETEN was the final phase of a project initiated in 1979 by Thomas Liljenberg and Leif Elggren, when the artists exhibited an apartment at Sigtunagatan 5 in Stockholm. The exhibition was documented and formed the basis of several exhibitions, performances and soundworks by Liljenberg and Elggren, between 1979 and 1992.


Images (from top): 1. LÄGENHETEN, Forum 1991. 2. LÄGENHETEN, Forum 1991. 3. Exhibition catalogue, Forum 1991. 4. LÄGENHETEN 92, Stockholm Art Fair, 1992. 5. LÄGENHETEN, Sigtunagatan 5, Stockholm 1979. 6. LÄGENHETEN, Sigtunagatan 5, Stockholm 1979