DU was an artistic research project focusing on public space, citizens dialogue and urban development. The project was executed in four different locations in greater Stockholm in 2014: Slussen in central Stockholm, the districts of Rinkeby-Kista and Husby and the suburb Botkyrka south of the city. In each of the places various sub-projects was developed in dialogue with residents, associations and local authorities. Altogether over one hundred people participated in the activities which include workshops, city walks, public artwork, publications and exhibitions.


The different subproject within the framework of DU were: SLUSSEN EN HJÄRTEFRÅGA (Slussen, Stockholm City), MODEL FOR A TRANSPARENT ART INSTITUTION (Fittja, Botkyrka), HUSBY164 (Husby, Rinkeby-Kista), LANDSCAPE PAINTING DEMOCRATIC (Kista, Rinkeby-Kista).


DU was initiated in conjunction with The Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University, KTH- The Royal Institute of Technology Division of Urban and Regional Studies Department of Urban Planning and Environment and Svensk Byggtjänst. The project is run with support from Kulturbryggan and local sponsors.


Cooperating partners was: The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, The College of Printmaking Arts, Grafiska Sällskapet, Botkyrka kommun, Tumba konsthall, Husby konsthall, Husby konst och hantverksförening, Stockholms Stadsmuseum, Data och Systemvetenskapen vid Stockholms universitet, Stockholms stad, Kulturtavlorna, Ny syn på Slussen, Kulturbryggan, Konstfrämjandet, KAC (kistaartcity), Kista Galleria och Norra Sidan.


Images (from top): 1. Citywalk at Slussen, Stockholm, guided by Kristoffer Svenberg 2. Citywalk at Slussen, Stockholm 3. Poster exhibition at Grafiska Sällskapet, Stockholm 4. Poster exhibition at Kulturtavlorna, Stockholm (posters by Tommy Mäkinen and Thomas Liljenberg) 5. Poster exhibition at Kulturtavlorna, Stockholm (poster by Åsa Andersson) 6. DU installation and workshop at The New Biennial for Art and Architecture, Botkyrka 7. DU installation and workshop at The New Biennial for Art and Architecture, Botkyrka 8. A Model for a Qualitative Society, participants 9. Excursion at Husby, Stockholm 9. Ad for DU Husby 164 in Norra Sidan Magazine 10. Workshop Landscape Painting Democratic with Husby konst & hantverksförening, Kista 11. SCT – Landscape Painting Democratic, Jan Stenbecks torg, Kista