CD in collaboration with Leif Elggren. 36 tracks. FIREWORK EDITION RECORDS FER 1005, Stockholm 1997


All material on this CD was performed and recorded live May 10, 1996, at Garden Hotel, Malmö, Sweden. First part, WHOLE WIDE WORLD was performed over telephone from Malmö to Stockholm in connection with the opening of the exhibition (EN)DURANCE, Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Lyrics from the book EXPERIMENT WITH DREAMS by Leif Eggren and Thomas Liljenberg


”The Codfish Suit, from 1996, is a sound version of Elggren and Liljenberg’s book Experiment with Dreams. The texts are hysterically funny. In 1995, for example, they wrote the following letter to Brigitte Bardot: ”We are planning to start a fish factory in Lofoten, Norway. Our plan is codfishing, but we are not interested in the fish, but what’s in the stomach of the codfish. So we will have a lot of fish-refuse that we now will offer you. We know that you are a great friend of animals and perhaps this could serve as catfood? Looking forward to your answer. Similar letters are written to Elton John, Neil Armstrong and Yasir Arafat, among others. The CD is these letters read aloud during a gallery performance in affected voices, treated with primitive echoes and electronics.” (Kenneth Goldsmith; New York Press, 2000)


Photo (from innersleve CD): L.E and T.L, Copenhagen 1995