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Book in collaboration with Leif Elggren, Stockholm 1999. A correspondence. 260 p. Offset and photocopies. Size 150 x 210 mm. ISBN 91 87066 22 X (Fe No. 91). The Answers was printed with support from Sveriges Bildkonstnärsfond (The Arts Grants Committee).


The Answers was presented as an exhibition at BildMuseet, Umeå 1999 and as a book release at Printed Matter, New York 2000.


”In 1996 we published the book Experiment With Dreams, a book filled with letters to a selection of the most autocratic people of our times. We demanded compensation for the unjust inequality that prevails in the world and because these people profit themselves on everybody’s dreams and possibilities for the future. Nearly every letter ended with: Please send us money on Swedish postal number… Now we are taking the opportunity to publicise all the replies from the correspondence in the present book: The Answers. (From pressrelase, PRINTED MATTER, New York 2001)


Images (from top): 1. The Answers, cover. 2. The Answers, book spread with letters from Johannes Paulus II and Paramount Communications. 3. The Answers, book spread with letters from George Soros and Exxon Valdez. 4. The Answers, installation at BildMuseet, Umeå