Solo-exhibition with objects, paintings, cataloque and poster. Exhibited in conjunction with FIREWORK CENTRALBADET, at Centralbadet, Stockholm 1985


QUADRILATERAL PAINTING (hanging), mixed media (acrylic on masonite and wood)
THE CAKE (nine sections), mixed media (acrylic on mdf)
ROTATING PARASOLE (four sections), tempera on paper
BROWN PAINTING WITH PARASOL FRAGMENT, mixed media (oil and silkscreen print on canvas, textile fragment and glass)
BROWN PAINTING WITH IRON PLATE, mixed media (oil on canvas, iron plate and wood box)
BROWN PAINTING WITH MIRROR AND VEIL, mixed media (oil on canvas, mirror and textile)
BLUE/WHITE PAINTING (diptyk), mixed media (oil on canvas)
YELLOW/WHITE PAINTING (diptyk), mixed media (oil on canvas and tempera on paper)
SIEVE PAINTING, mixed media (painting on canvas and steel plate)


CRADLE ON RAIL, mixed media (painted wood, steel and rubber wheels)
DOOR (door in frame)
SIEVE A (four sections), acrylic glas
SIEVE B WORLDMAP (three sections), silkscreen on acrylic
THREE TARGETS, prints on paper in wood boxes