Outdoor-exhibition in collaboration with gallery SUBBAU, Gothenburg 1998, with 25 plates in acrylic (25 x 20 cm) with engraved text and printed guide for a walking trail in Gothenburg. (This exhibition was also exhibited, and modified with fitting addresses, under the title Stockholm Spooky in conjunction with the exhibition PANDORAS BOX at gallery InterAccess, Toronto, Canada and at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm 1999)


”The British researcher in literature, Nicholas Green, tells in the book The Spectacle of Nature (1990) about the ingenious entrepreneur, Claude-Françoise Denecourt, who in the nineteenth century organized various hiking routes in the forest of Fontainebleau outside of Paris. Thanks to these hiking routes the park become an appreciated place of outings to many of Paris’ inhabitants during the nineteenth century. Denecourt also published some leaflet guides of the Fontainebleau Park, which served as directions to those not so familiar to the grounds. The guides also served the purpose of getting the attention to places that, according to Denecourt, was of special interest, i.e. unusual rocks, trees, and vista points. The hiker would, with the help of the leaflet guide, move from one point of interest to another. Denecourt had also placed signs at the various places with texts that conveyed information and stories about the places. However, none can claim that his information was scientific because if there was no special information at hand, Denecourt simply made up his own story and a fitting name for the place.” (Text from catalogue Göteborg spökar, 1998)


Images (from top): 1. Göteborg spökar, exhibition SUBBAU. 2. Text plate for Storgatan 10. 3. Entrance to Västergatan 1B. 4. Text plate for Erik Dahlbergsgatan 4, Göteborg