FIREWORK is the name of the group that Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg founded in 1978 and under which they have put on several exhibitions and performances. As a result of the philosophical discussion engendered by the underlying essence of this work, a small publishing company, FIREWORK EDITION, was started in 1979. It has since then brought out many books and other printed matter, multiples and records and put on a number of exhibitions, not only by the founders, but also as a result of collaboration with various other artists.


Images (from top): 1. Firework Manifest, cover 1979 2. Sigtunagatan 5, Stockholm entrance 3. Firework exhibition, Sigtunagatan 5, Stockholm 1980 4. Katrin von Rettig and Per Jonsson, performing in Firework Fas 1:6, Fylkingen Stockholm 1981 5. Firework Centrallagret, Tomtebogatan 30, Stockholm 6. Poster for LOT, exhibition at Firework Centrallagret, Stockholm 1983 7. LOT, exhibition Centrallagret 1983 8. Exhibition catalogue Lägenheten, Forum, Stockholm 1991 9. Lägenheten, installation Forum, Stockholm 1991 10. Elektrolys, Nordiskt Konstcentrum, Helsingfors 1982 11. Is This Phase Three of the Imitation of the Holy Sacrament?, box with printed matters, CD and 7” vinyl, Firework Edition 2014


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